22 months – 2 ½ years

  • Activities become a little more structured with topics now being knowledge based as well as skills based – i.e. we expect the children to begin to gain information in class. Still lots of play, especially as many children will be starting nursery for the first time at this age.


    • Sit, line up etc with less help from the teacher
    • Run and climb to a small height
    • Self – feed with a small amount of help
    • Participate in stories and songs: ask questions, identify pictures, begin to learn words and tunes, play along with musical instruments
    • Listen and move to a variety of music
    • Recognise classroom routines and know what comes next
    • Begin to form friendships and play cooperatively
    • Begin to toilet train
    • Speak in 2 or 3 word sentences, sometimes longer
    • Increase independence in hand-washing and dressing/ undressing
    • Be able to scribble with pencils and crayons
    • Assemble a 4 piece puzzle
    • Begin to establish a hand preference
    • Engage in role play activities with other children i.e. a tea party
    • Understand the purpose of paint and glue and begin to develop more independence in using them
    • Experiment with a variety of art and craft materials


    • Understand mine and yours
    • Understand big and small
    • Begin to sort a set of objects according to simple criteria
    • Recognise common farm and wild animals
    • Recognise common 2D shapes
    • Recognise common colours
    • Show an understanding of what numbers are and recognise numbers to 10, even if not in the correct order.