Language room

The importance of language acquisition

The UAE’s rich and beautiful tradition of oral storytelling continues to be strengthened in our vibrant language room. Children are introduced to a wide range of stories, songs, poems and nursery rhymes in both French and Arabic as part of the extra-curricular language lessons we offer in the nursery. Communication and language is one of the three prime areas of learning in the British EYFS curriculum and that’s why we have designed a special space in our nursery solely for the development children’s language acquisition skills. Since the ancient Arab art of storytelling is experiencing a healthy revival in the region, we have incorporated expressive storytelling time in our French and Arabic lessons. Teachers use puppets and props during story time and children are encouraged to join in, recognise rhyming words and respond to simple questions. This ultimately creates an enthralling experience for the children whilst giving them the opportunity to speak, listen and use new vocabulary in a range of situations.

Arabic Nursery Abu Dhabi - Language Room