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(minimum of 2 days per week, those days must be the same every week. FS1 aged children must attend 5 days per week)

Names of other persons who are authorised to pick up your child

*Please provide us with a passport copy/passport photograph of persons named above

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(by signing you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of Jigsaw Nursey- please read these prior to signing)

Please provide us with the following documents

  • 2 recent passport photographs of your child
  • Copy of your child’s passport
  • Copies of Mother and Father’s passports
  • Copy of Mother and Father’s visa page (where applicable)
  • Copy of child’s immunisation details
  • Copy of child’s Emirates I.D.

Terms and Conditions of Registration
  • Deadlines. All Tuition fees are to be paid in full two weeks before the start of the term at the latest. A deadline date will be communicated to all parents with an invoice for the following term.
  • Discounts. We do not combine or bundle any discounts you wish to avail. There can be a maximum of one discount per child.
  • Late tuition fee payment charge. All outstanding payments passed the deadline date will incur an additional daily charge of AED 20 until the payment is received in full.
  • Payment arrear. Jigsaw reserves the right to offer the place of a child to another child in the event of outstanding payments. We have the right to suspend childcare services until the payments are settled.
  • Late pick up fee. Late pick up fee of AED 25 per half an hour or part thereof will apply. For example; if your chosen nursery schedule is 7 AM-2 PM and you arrive at 2:18 PM, there will be a charge of AED 25. This is payable on the day or within 24 hours of the pick-up. There will be a slip to sign at the front desk for any late pick up.
  • Placement fee. A placement fee of AED 1,000 is required to secure a place for your child at Jigsaw Nursery. This will be adjusted against the termly tuition fee and is non-refundable.
  • Payment methods. Payments can be made by debit/credit card, cash, bank transfer or cheque made payable to Jigsaw Nursery.
  • Joining within term time. If your child is joining us once the term has already started, then we will charge the fee pro rata. However; the fee must still be paid by the deadline issued or if registering late then it must be paid on the day of registration.
  • Withdrawal refund policy. We do not offer any refunds on tuition fees. Placement fee can be refunded if a 15-day notice is provided prior to the term start.
  • Holding fees. We do not refund any holding/placement fees.
  • Refund method. Wherever the notice is given a refund is made, it will be processed through cheque.
  • Absence. The nursery does not issue refunds for the absence of your child from nursery. Nor do we do make up days for a child’s absence.
  • Closure. Jigsaw Nursery does not offer refunds in the event of nursery closure due to third party action, fire, flood, weather, power cut or any other event out of our control.
Other Terms and Conditions
  • Fee changes. Jigsaw Nursery reserves the right to change the tuition fees at any time whilst giving parents one months’ notice of the changes put in place.
  • Restricted access. Jigsaw Nursery reserve the right to terminate or suspend childcare or restrict access to any child; parent or guardian at any time, without notice, in the consideration of the protection of other children and staff. As well as for any behaviour which affects the well-being and smooth operation of the nursery. This is at the discretion of the Nursery Manager.
  • Child illness.
    a. If your child has been unwell or had a fever, please inform the nursery nurse or class teacher or the registrar.
    b. If you suspect that your child is unwell, has an infection or illness then we request that your child is kept at home to prevent any illness being passed to fellow classmates or staff.
    c. If a child has medication, then we require a prescription from the doctor and the signature of the parent.
    d. If the nursery nurse has examined your child and feels they are unwell and should be at home, the parents will be requested to come and collect your child from the nursery. This is in the interest of health and safety. We ask that you arrive at the nursery to pick your child up within one hour.
  • Terms and conditions alterations. From time to time Jigsaw Nursery may wish to amend the terms and conditions of registration. Any changes will be well communicated to all parents and all enquiries welcomed.